Match Report
Culford School Girls-U14B vs  Framlingham College
On: Saturday, 22 Jan 2022
Venue: Away

Match Report by Evie Hollingsworth, U14B Netball Team Captain

The U14B team netball fixture against Framlingham was a challenging one. The first two quarters of the game started heavily in the opposition's favour, who were able to pass quickly and efficiently into their attacking third and convert almost every goal. It was clear that we were faced with tough opponents, and that we would need to play much faster and more aggressively if we hoped to narrow the deficit. Despite this, the spirits of the team remained high and the girls continued to support one another even though we had a slower start.

There was a large improvement moving into the next two quarters of the game as, although the team were tiring, I felt that they really took on board the advice from Mrs Bushell and were playing far more aggressively with faster movements and closer marking on the opposition. As a result of this, we were able to achieve many interceptions and quickly moved the play into our attacking third; despite a few unfortunate misses, the shooters were able to score some good goals.

Although the game ended in defeat to Framlingham, we were competitive throughout and I saw very clear improvement in the second half. The opposition named Arabella as their player of the match, which was very well deserved, as Bella was an excellent team player and helped to support her fellow teammates throughout the match. In the second half, Bella also increased her energy and aggression significantly, staying very tight on her player in defence and therefore achieved a large number of interceptions and rebounds, which were critical in our team turning over the ball. My personal player of the match would be Olivia, who played a brilliant Wing Defence and was pivotal in progressing the play from an interception from Bella to our attacking third. Additionally, in the second half Olivia's energy increased dramatically and she was much more aggressive on marking her player, resulting in her getting a large number of interceptions as well.

Overall, the whole team played brilliantly and, despite the loss, I think we have a lot to be proud of and to build on in preparation for our next fixture.